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When it comes to developing and manufacturing the products included in their line of bale opening devices, GÖWEIL put its trust in their own planning department and their employee’s long years of experience and know-how.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) The round bale is picked up. 2) The eight hooks of the film holder keep the film in place. 3) The film is cut. 4) The fodder is cut separately from the film and the net. 5) While the silage is being split, the film holder keeps film and net firmly in place. 6) The film is cleanly separated from the fodder and can be disposed of afterwards. DETAILS OF ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT OPTIONS Film holder The film holder allows the operator to cleanly separate film and net from the fodder without the hassle of having to step down from the tractor. Eight hooks hold film and net safely in place while the bale is being cut through. This saves the operator the trouble of removing the film manually beforehand. Operation is controlled using a double-acting control device. 11

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