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When it comes to developing and manufacturing the products included in their line of bale opening devices, GÖWEIL put its trust in their own planning department and their employee’s long years of experience and know-how.


RBA ROUND BALE UNROLLER The round bale unroller RBA is the ideal solution for fast, clean, and effortless fodder distribution. Whether used for silage, hay or straw, the device opens the bale completely and without losing any fodder. The device allows for both stationary and mobile operation. During mobile use, the fodder is distributed directly at the feeding table. 1,477 1,100 2,100 2,230 BASIC MODEL Basic device Scraper floor with curved path-controlled pick-up Shortened version available; the width is reduced by 300 mm. 1,600 Specifications in mm TECHNICAL DATA // BASIC DEVICE Weight L x W x H Bale weight 520 kg 1,600 x 2,100 x 1,100 mm up to 1,000 kg TECHNICAL DATA // DEVICE WITH LOADING ARM AND STACKER COLLET Weight 760 kg L x W x H 1,800 x 2,230 x 1,477 mm Bale weight up to 1,000 kg REQUIRED CONNECTIONS • One pressure connection and one depressurized return 4

1 2 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) The first step requires that the upper half of the film and net be removed from the bale. 2) Next, the bale is loaded onto the RBA with a loading arm or an external device. 3) The second half of the film and net can be removed once the bale has been turned. The fodder is ready to be distributed. 4) The bale is opened completely and uniformly. FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Aided by the scraper floor the bale is pressed onto the elastic spring tines and then placed in rotary movement. The fodder is unrolled completely and evenly and can be deposited directly at the feeding table. The device can be tailored to specific needs thanks to extensive additional equipment options. Whether tightly compressed, short, long, cut or uncut, the fodder is always split without a hitch 3 4 VARIABLE ATTACHMENT SYSTEM The variable attachment system makes it possible to spread the fodder from three directions simply by changing the position of the hydraulic hoses. 5

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