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Bale Transport Devices for round and square bales


BTGHA ROUND BALE TRANSPORT FORK WITH TIPPER 1.150 The round bale transport fork has been developed for transporting, and in particular for tipping, wrapped or unwrapped round bales with a diameter of 1 - 1.8 m. The bales can therefore be transported, deposited, and stored on their ends in an extremely gentle manner. The fork pipes are unlocked using two hydraulic cylinders. 970 1.250 850 Dimensions in mm BASIC MODEL Base frame with Cat. I and II three-point linkage Large fork pipes / Ø: 110 mm Mechanically adjustable fork pipes with quick-release fastener Two hydraulic cylinders for unlocking the fork pipes Quick-release fastener for width adjustment TECHNICAL DATA Weight L x W x H Bale weight Max. operating pressure REQUIRED CONNECTIONS • Single-acting hydraulic connection 136 kg 1350 x 1140 x 970 mm max. 1800 kg 200 bar 8

1 2 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) Hydraulic cylinders for unlocking 2) Wrapped round bales are picked up gently and transported with ease 3) The fork pipes are unlocked using the hydraulic cylinders 4) The round bales are carefully deposited on their end 5) BTGHA in use in the field with the DTR 3 4 ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Hydraulic width adjustment The opening area can be adjusted continuously using two hydraulic cylinders Double-acting hydraulic connection required 5 Hydraulic width adjustment POSSIBLE ATTACHMENTS (without installation) Cat. II Weiste-Triangle adapter Other attachments - on request 9

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