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Whether for snow removal or for the transportation of earth, gravel, wood and so on... GHU high lift buckets are highly professional devices! To fulfill the demanding needs, GÖWEIL continually strives to improve its products. Tried and tested remains – new developments will be added. High lift buckets have to pass several practical tests to guarantee the high standard of GÖWEIL Maschinenbau GmbH.


HIGHLIGHTS The tried-and-tested details and sophisticated solutions reflected in the GHU make this device a versatile and practical helper for any situation. Offering functionality without equal and scores of distinct advantages, the dump bucket has become an indispensable companion accessory for every tractor: 1 7 2 6 5 9 8 3 4 6

1 4 7 THE HIGH DUMP EFFECT BUCKET BOTTOM ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT The design of the high lift bucket provides for a maximum dumping height and ensures that the bucket is emptied completely. The flat bucket bottom makes the process of loading the GHU simple and effortless. The additional equipment and mounting options make it a breeze to customize the GHU to your specific needs. 2 BODY 5 SINGLE OR DOUBLE 8 SWINGING SIDEWALL 3 The body is reinforced by additional cast parts at the top corner joints and at the sidewalls. These reinforcements let the rear bucket withstand even greater loads. The upper edge has been enhanced by a round steel pipe. Lashing points arranged on the side allow you to attach straps.* OPEN THREE-POINT FRAME Perfect for grading or snow removal. No material will stick to the frame! 6 If requested, the models GHU 08 and GHU 10 can be equipped with a single or a double-acting cylinder. UPRIGHT, SAFELY PROTECTED TELESCOPIC CYLINDER Not only is the telescopic cylinder perfectly protected and integrated into the three-point frame, it also stands out with its exceptional lifting strength. 9 Formed by a sidewall profile, the swinging sidewall will stand up to even greater loads. The sidewall can also be used as a body extension. EURO MOUNT ON THREE-POINT FRAME The retrofit kit “Euro mount” is available as a bolted version. It is still possible to use the three-point linkage.* * does not apply to GHU 06 Mini 7

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