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Baling & wrapping technology for industrial applications


LT-MASTER BALER-WRAPPER COMBINATION GÖWEIL's LT-Master is the number one baler-wrapper combination for round bales. Originally designed for agriculture, the applications of the LT-Master have expanded enormously over time. A wide range of finely chopped materials can be processed into perfectly pressed and wrapped round bales. The robust design and durability of the baler-wrapper combination speak for themselves, consequently our customers include both contractors and large-scale agricultural and industrial enterprises from all over the world. ADVANTAGES OF THE BALER-WRAPPER COMBINATION High compression The high bale density compresses the material to a minimal volume, saving valuable storage space. Machine set-up A major plus! The machine is ready for use in around three minutes. Optimum control The program control system "PROFI" uses a bus system to control the entire work flow fully automatically – the operator simply monitors the machine. Fast and agile The pivoting drawbar can swivel up to 30° on either side. This provides a tight turning radius and allows the machine to be powered from either side. Well lubricated The central lubricator continuously supplies the main lubrication points with grease and oil. This ensures a very long service life and minimal wear and tear. No distance too far The 80 km/h chassis allows you to reach any job site quickly, whether by tractor or truck (80 km/h chassis only when using the dual-line air brake system, including ABS). Brake system A dual-line air brake system or a dual hydraulic brake system is fitted as standard. Never run short With a hydraulically folding film magazine holding up to 18 rolls of film, the LT-Master is ideally suited to long workdays. Perfectly lit The LED lighting system provides perfect illumination when using the LT-Master at night. 4

1 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) Bales: RDF – solid waste material 2) Bales: chopped brushwood 3) Bales: shredded carpet 4) Bales: sugar beet pulp 5) Bales: horse manure MATERIALS SUITABLE FOR BALING 2 3 The LT-Master offers a quick and easy solution to the problem of having to store and transport various kinds of material. The materials are chopped prior to baling. The round bales are ideal for temporary storage as well as compact transport. Pressed into a bale, the material stays clean and dry. Compaction rates of between 30% and 70% can be achieved depending on the size and structure of the material. RDF / SUBSTITUTE FUELS: The storage of garbage and waste is an ever-growing problem. Some materials are prepared for further processing and used as substitute fuels. 4 5 PLASTICS: Plastic films and solid residues with a grain size of up to 50 mm WOOD / WOOD SHAVINGS: Wood shavings, chopped brushwood, wood wool, bark mulch or sawdust OTHER MATERIALS: Cereal grains, sugar beet pulp, bagasse, miscanthus, Horse manure, compost 5

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