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Baling & wrapping technology for industrial applications


LT-MASTER HIGHLIGHTS 3 2 1 1 FEEDING SYSTEM / DOSING Low-profile design: The low profile design and 3.50 meter width of the feeder make the filling process quick and easy – whether you use a dump trailer, push-off trailer, truck, or direct feeding. Large-capacity feeder: The feeder provides a large buffer with a volume of around 13 m³. This large capacity keeps the LT-Master running during feeding. Dosing unit: The speed of the scraper floor adapts to the quantity of material and is automatically self-regulating. Scraper floor chains: The galvanized, die-forged scraper floor chains from Rübig used on the elevator and feeder are indestructible. 6 Dosing rollers and feed screws: The continuous profile of the rollers ensures that material is always perfectly distributed on the elevator.

CONTROL SYSTEM Fully automatic control system PROFI All work cycles are carried out fully automatically. 2 BALER Fixed roller chamber: The two halves of the bale chamber are each surrounded by a bale chamber belt, thereby minimizing loss of material. The belt tension can be adjusted hydraulically, helping to ensure a reliable bale start and good bale ejection. High bale density: The solid press rollers and their special arrangement ensure high compression of the material at all times. Long service life: 3 WRAPPER Mobile wrapping table: The wrapping table slides under the bale chamber and picks up the bales directly, quickly and gently. Twin wrapping arm: The wrapper always stays one step ahead thanks to its standard twin wrapping arm including 2 x 750 mm film stretching units. The patented plastic rollers of the film stretching unit mean more bales per roll of film. Large, sealed bearings and a perfectly adapted lubrication system guarantee a long machine service life. Net or film: An efficient binding system is needed to keep a bale in perfect condition. The LT-Master is equipped as standard with a dual binding unit for net and film. Film monitoring unit and single-film mode: If a roll of film runs out or the film tears, the feed rate of the wrapping table is reduced until a 50% overlap is guaranteed once more. This allows bale wrapping to be completed without interruption. If both film rolls run out or tear, the film monitoring unit stops the wrapping process. Bale delivery ramp: Refeed belt: The refeed belt running underneath the entire length of the machine prevents loss of material; stray material that escapes during the baling process is caught and fed back to the elevator without getting dirty. Variable bale size (only with film binding unit): This setting allows a stepless bale size setting from 0.60 – 1.15 m. The hydraulically lowerable bale delivery ramp ensures a gentle bale deposit. Film cutter: The stainless steel cutting knife guarantees precise cutting of the film. The standard float position of the film cutter ensures easy release of the film, which means that no remnants are trapped. Water injection unit: Adds water to dry materials during baling. 7

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