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Baling & wrapping technology for industrial applications


LT-MASTER EQUIPMENT Fast, simple and fully automatic. Every last detail contributes to an optimum material flow, ensuring that the LT-Master delivers top-class throughput performance. Here is an overview of all the equipment of the baler-wrapper combination: BASIC MODEL Twin wrapping arm Dual binding unit for net and film On-board hydraulic system with oil cooler Hydraulic belt pre-tensioning Refeed belt to prevent possible loss of material Integrated feeder (working width 3.50 m) Hydraulic mobile wrapping table 4 bale conveyor belts with belt guide and 2 bale guide rollers Bale deposit towards the front via hydraulic bale delivery ramp Height-adjustable drawbar Film stretching unit 500 mm and 750 mm combined with overlap adjustment Film cutter Film monitoring unit Single-film mode Tandem axle chassis with suspension and 355/50 R22.5 tires Hydraulically lowerable film magazine for up to 18 rolls of film LED work lights Dual-line air brake system (for up to 80 km/h) or dual hydraulic brake system with emergency brake valve and pressure accumulator Variable bale size (only with film binding unit) Infinitely adjustable bale size from 0.60 – 1.15 m Camera system The four cameras are positioned so as to allow a clear view of the top of the bale chamber, the elevator, the wrapping table and the rear of the machine (on the right in the direction of travel) at all times. Water injection unit for bale chamber Consists of a solenoid valve, tubing, and adjustable nozzles. For adding water to dry materials. Additional handheld transmitter with remote control for bale deposit Fully automatic central lubrication system for oil and grease Fully automatic control system PROFI All work cycles are fully automatic REQUIRED CONNECTIONS 8 • 1 double-acting and 1 single-acting control device for the pivoting drawbar • 7-pin socket for the entire lighting system, except work lights • Power is supplied to the machine via the cable harness supplied

1 2 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) The compressed bales are picked up by the mobile wrapping table and stretch-wrapped 2) The feeder transports the finely chopped material to the elevator 3) The weighing system display shows the exact bale weight 4) The weighing system generates printed labels 5) Bale delivery ramp with bale tipper 6) 90 kW electric drive – ideal for operating the LT-Master in sheds TECHNICAL DATA Transport position Work position Weight 15,930 kg Length 11,580 mm 13,940 mm Width 2,550 mm max. 5,200 mm Height 4,000 mm max. 4,010 mm Round bale diameter from 0.60 to 1.15 m 3 4 5 6 ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Electric drive Comprises a 90 kW electric motor with soft starter. Complete with control cabinet, wiring, base with forklift slings, emergency shutoff and on/off switch Required connections for electric motor: 400V/50 Hz, CEE 125A, protection class IP55 Weighing system uncalibrated Comprises weighing table, display and label printer Weighing system calibrated Comprises weighing table, display and label printer Bale delivery ramp with bale tipper The bale can be set down gently on the face side (left or right) or deposited towards the front Silage additive dosing unit Dosistar control unit, pump with filter, electronic flow meter, various nozzles, suction hose for external container. Please note: Tank not included Silage additive tank 450 liter stainless steel tank mounted on the machine ABS voltage transformer 12V to 24V 24V lighting version Consisting of spiral cable with 15-pin to 13-pin and 2x 7-pin to 13-pin Drawbar eye types Customers can choose from a large selection of drawbar eye types Rotating light 9

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