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Premium grass silage requires superior feed preservation. The round bale wrappers of the G30 series satisfy these requirements to the fullest. Bales are packaged into convenient feed units in a fast, clean and, first and foremost, perfectly air-tight manner.


G3010 FARMER ROUND BALE WRAPPER The G3010 Farmer combines efficiency and comfort. The adjustable hydraulic articulated drawbar and compact design allow the wrapping machine to be transported with almost any towing vehicle. The integrated motor and ease of operation make the G3010 Farmer the ideal wrapper for one-man operation. BASIC MODEL Single wrapping arm Hydraulically tilting wrapping table 4 bale conveyor belts including belt guide and 2 bale guide rollers Bale deposit to the left and right Film stretching unit 750 mm / 30” Film cutter Hydraulically adjustable lift axle Removable hydraulic articulated drawbar Storage for 4 rolls of film Tires 300/80-15.3 AW 1-cylinder Honda gasoline engine (without hydraulic oil): 8.2 kW / 11 hp gasoline engine with battery, electric starter, return filter and 30 l hydraulic oil tank Light and indicator system LED work lights Program control STANDARD with radio remote control The cycles “wrapping process” and “film-holding and cutting” start automatically, while “bale drop” starts at the push of a button TECHNICAL DATA Weight 1,450 kg / 3,200 lbs Length 5,260 mm / 17’ 3” Width 1,950 mm / 6’ 5” Height 2,990 mm / 9’ 10” with extended lift axle Bale diameter 0.90 – 1.60 m / 36” - 63” Bale weight up to 1,800 kg / 4,000 lbs Oil requirement Own oil supply REQUIRED CONNECTIONS • 7-pin socket for the entire lighting system (except work lights) 10

1 2 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) The G3010 Farmer is pulled to its location 2) The wrapping table is loaded using a bale fork. 3) The bale is wrapped completely airtight. 4) Bale deposit is possible to the left and right. 5) The control unit on the machine is user-friendly. 6) The gasoline engine is included on delivery. 3 4 5 6 ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Tires 380/55-17 AW Width changes to 2,130 mm / 7’ Film stretching unit combined For film widths between 500 mm / 20” and 750 mm / 30”; the overlap can be adjusted as well. Film monitoring unit Stops the wrapping process if film tears or runs out Additional bale guide roller - maximum 2 pieces 10 L / 2.5 gal spare fuel can including bracket Lower linkage Drawbar eye types A, B, D (see page 15 for overview) COUNTRY SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT Dual-line air brake system Dual-line hydraulic brake system - with emergency brake valve and accumulator Hydraulic brake without accumulator and breakaway quick-closing device Rotating light 11

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