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Premium grass silage requires superior feed preservation. The round bale wrappers of the G30 series satisfy these requirements to the fullest. Bales are packaged into convenient feed units in a fast, clean and, first and foremost, perfectly air-tight manner.


SERIES G30 KEY DATA EQUIPMENT G3010 G3010 Farmer G3010 Profi Wrapping arm Single Single Single Hydraulically tilting wrapping table Standard Standard Standard 4 bale conveyor belts including belt guide and 2 bale guide rollers Standard Standard Standard Bale deposit, left and right Standard Standard Standard Film stretching unit 750 mm / 30” Standard Standard Standard Film stretching unit combined for 500 and 750 mm Accessory Accessory Accessory Film cutter Standard Standard Standard Film monitoring unit Accessory Accessory Accessory Film storage -- for 4 rolls of film for 16 rolls of film Three-point linkage Cat. II Standard -- -- Hydraulically adjustable lift axle -- Standard Standard Removable hydraulic articulated drawbar -- Standard Standard Tires 300/80-15.3 AW -- Standard -- Tires 380/55-17 AW -- Accessory Standard Tires 520/50-R17 FLT -- -- Accessory Light and indicator system Accessory Standard Standard LED work lights Standard Standard Standard Program control STANDARD Standard Standard -- Fully automatic program control PROF Accessory -- Standard PTO shaft drive Accessory -- -- Additional bale guide rollers Accessory Accessory Accessory Electric drive Accessory -- -- 1-cylinder Honda gasoline engine Accessory Standard -- 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine -- -- Standard Speed control for diesel engine -- -- Accessory 10 L / 2.5 gal spare fuel can including bracket -- Accessory -- Axle suspension -- -- Accessory Lower linkage -- Accessory Accessory Supply cable battery 5.3 meter 2x6 mm² with 3-pin socket Accessory -- Accessory Drawbar eye types -- A, B, D A, B, D 14

COUNTRY-SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT G3010 G3010 Farmer G3010 Profi Dual-line air brake system Accessory Accessory Dual-line hydraulic brake system - with emergency brake valve and accumulator Accessory Accessory Hydraulic brake without accumulator and breakaway quick-closing device Accessory Accessory Rotating light Accessory Accessory DRAWBAR EYE TYPES A K80 drawbar eye Towing ball coupling B standard drawbar eye D40 mm according to DIN 11026, ISO 5692-2 D ring drawbar eye D50 mm Fixed (hitch ring) DIN similar to 9678, ISO similar to 20019 my GÖWEIL Do you have a great picture of your GÖWEIL wrapping machine? Share it with us! Upload it using the following link—we’d love to share it: 15

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