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Premium grass silage requires superior feed preservation. The round bale wrappers of the G30 series satisfy these requirements to the fullest. Bales are packaged into convenient feed units in a fast, clean and, first and foremost, perfectly air-tight manner.


SERIES G30 OVERVIEW The Series G30 wrapper is characterized by its robust design and a particularly low working height. The machines are operated stationary. The four conveyor belts on the wrapping table ensure uniformly wrapped bales, even with soft and bulky bales. 1 3 2 THE WRAPPING MACHINE IN DETAIL 1 G3010 The three-point linkage machine is the ideal wrapping machine for customers with smaller bale counts per year. The G3010 impresses with its uncomplicated, efficient operation and can be optionally equipped with a bale pick-up. 2 G3010 Farmer The G3010 Farmer combines efficiency and comfort. The adjustable hydraulic articulated drawbar and compact design allow the wrapping machine to be transported with almost any towing vehicle. The integrated motor and ease of operation make the G3010 Farmer the ideal wrapper for one-man operation. 3 G3010 Profi The G3010 Profi wrapper with diesel engine is the perfect stationary machine for the demanding use of contractors. All operations are fully automatic, allowing the operator to fully concentrate on bale handling. This saves time and costs—the output per hour is significantly increased! 4

SERIES G30 CONTROL SYSTEM The control system STANDARD with wireless operation and PROFI are a real highlight. They were specially developed for their purpose, impress with their simple and intuitive operation and are installed in a robust housing. In addition, all functions can be set directly on the machine’s control unit and with the hand levers. 1 3 1 2 Control system STANDARD with wireless operation The wrapping process and film application and cutting work cycles are automatic, while bale deposit is performed at the push of a button. On units with bale pick-up, the remote control has a joystick for controlling the bale pick-up. All functions and settings are adjusted via the control unit on the wrapper. In use with G3010 and G3010 Farmer 2 3 Control system PROFI The wrapping process, film application and cutting and bale deposit work cycles are fully automatic. All processes can, of course, also be controlled manually. All functions and settings are adjusted directly via the program control. In use with G3010 Profi 5

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