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EN | Round Baler & Baler-Wrapper Combination | G-1 F125 Kombi | Goeweil

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The round baler G-1F125 and the baler-wrapper combination G-1F125 Kombi are presenting themselves in a new design: Engineered exclusively for professionals, the machines of the first generation already delivered maximum impact force, but life teaches us that there is always room for improvement, and GÖWEIL has managed to optimize the new generation and add a host of exciting highlights.


G-1F125 & G-1F125 Kombi BALE CHAMBER At the core of the machine is the bale chamber, which offers a size of 1.20 x 1.25 m and 18 solid bale chamber rollers. The 4 mm thick steel rolls are reinforced on the inside; the ribbing ensures optimal bale density and secure rotation of the bale. BALE CHAMBER ROLLERS & MORE Two feed rollers with a shaft diameter of 65 mm, and the additional roller shafts with a diameter of 60 mm run continuously on double-row pendulum roller bearings and provide excellent stability and an exceptionally long service life. A special labyrinth prevents dust and dirt from penetrating the bearings. Double-row pendulum roller bearing Bearing labyrinth STARTER & CLEANER ROLLER Directly behind the rotor, the starter roller with a special profile ensures optimum bale turning and a reliable bale start – be it with silage, hay or straw. A cleaner roller guides falling material back into the bale chamber, keeping the machine clean. 10

1 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) The rollers in the bale chamber 2) Tailgate with bale protection roller 3) Bale delivery ramp 4) Bale catcher 5) Silage additive dosing Cleaning roller Starter Roller TAILGATE The tailgate opens and closes with the help of two hydraulic cylinders. The process can be completed automatically or manually, depending on the program setting. 2 3 Bale protection roller BALE PROTECTION ROLLER The bale protection roller prevents the wide film-wrapped bale against being damaged during bale ejection from the bale chamber. In addition, the bale protection roller catches the round bale during the bale transfer on steep slopes. OPTION: BALE DELIVERY RAMP The optional bale delivery ramp can be used to deposit the bale outside the pivoting range of the tailgate. Resetting the machine is not necessary. 4 5 OPTION: BALE CATCHER The patented bale catcher enables the fully automatic catching of the bale, thereby preventing the bale from rolling away in an uncontrolled manner when it is deposited on steep slopes. When the bale exits the bale chamber, it does not need to be held back manually by the tailgate to prevent it from rolling away. OPTION: SILAGE ADDITIVE DOSING Two spray nozzles are used to enrich the silage with lactic acid bacteria in the dosing unit and improve the quality. Silage additive dosing can be calibrated for various viscous acids. A sight glass and a display enable the driver to have an overview of the quantity. Consists of: Dosistar control unit, pump with filter, electronic flow meter, various nozzles, tank (100 l) 11

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