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EN | Round Baler & Baler-Wrapper Combination | G-1 F125 Kombi | Goeweil

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The round baler G-1F125 and the baler-wrapper combination G-1F125 Kombi are presenting themselves in a new design: Engineered exclusively for professionals, the machines of the first generation already delivered maximum impact force, but life teaches us that there is always room for improvement, and GÖWEIL has managed to optimize the new generation and add a host of exciting highlights.


G-1F125 & G-1F125 Kombi DRIVE AXLE Available as additional equipment, the drive axle is of tremendous benefit especially during work in steep slope positions. It provides a powerful, yet soil-preserving push uphill, while supporting the braking action during downhill travel. The driver can concentrate fully on the work. DRIVE AXLE The drive axle offers maximum safety and superior comfort in any slope position – uphill and downhill. EXCLUSIVE The sensor system integrated in the drawbar controls the operating states – Drive, Neutral, and Brake – in a completely autonomous way. The driver can rely on the system providing maximum traction at maximum soil protection, allowing them to solely concentrate on their work. A clearly organized display continuously informs the driver of all relevant parameters. The drive is powered hydraulically by two radial piston / wheel hub engines. The switch between forward and reverse is initiated automatically by a signal given from the tractor. The percentage of the driving force with which the drive is supposed to power the machine in first and second gear is controlled via the terminal. When the machine is driving uphill – either in reverse or forward – the drive switches automatically from drive mode to hydrostatic brake mode. To prevent the wheels from locking up, the speed of the two drive wheels is constantly monitored and readjusted automatically. This ensures that the wheels are constantly in motion during uphill travel (ABS). When the machine is traveling on the road, the radial piston engines are automatically released mechanically and will freewheel (no mechanical resistance). CONTROL Electronic control Tractor 12 V power supply Control signals V/N/R/B LS TL P 14

G-1F125 & G-1F125Kombi CHASSIS & TIRES The wide tires are gentle on the sod, leave behind hardly any tracks and exercise the least possible amount of pressure on the ground. GÖWEIL offers the following chassis and tires for the round baler and the baler-wrapper combination: RUGGED HANDLING The sturdy design of the single axle built into the GÖWEIL G-1F125 provides for perfectly smooth and rugged handling both during road travel up to 40 km/h and during work in slope positions on the field. LARGE-SIZE TIRES The smooth handling characteristics of the G-1F125 are supported by the large-size standard radial tires 500/60-R22.5 Flotation Trac. As an alternative, the dimensions • 600/50-R22.5 Flotation Trac and • 710/40-R22.5 Flotation Trac are available as well. Included in the set of additional oversized tires are wide load signs as required by law. G-1F125 KOMBI WITH TANDEM AXLE CHASSIS Gentle on the ground thanks to larger tires GÖWEIL relies on large-size wheels for their baler-wrapper combination and equips it standard with 560/45-R22.5 Flotation Trac tires made by Vredestein. The new tires ensure that weight is distributed evenly, significantly reducing the load on the ground in the field. This dramatically improves work especially when the ground is particularly soft. Better yet, GÖWEIL managed to keep the vehicle width at 3.0 m despite the wider tires. For customers who need to work under extreme conditions the manufacturer offers even wider wheels that are paired with Nokian tires with the dimension 710/35-R22.5, which increases the width of the vehicle to 3.3 m. BRAKE SYSTEMS GÖWEIL offers two different brake systems: • Dual-line air brake system • Optional: Hydraulic 2-circuit brake system with emergency brake valve and accumulator 15

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