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The round baler G-1F125 and the baler-wrapper combination G-1F125 Kombi are presenting themselves in a new design: Engineered exclusively for professionals, the machines of the first generation already delivered maximum impact force, but life teaches us that there is always room for improvement, and GÖWEIL has managed to optimize the new generation and add a host of exciting highlights.


G-1F125 & G-1F125 Kombi DRIVE To allow the machine to withstand even the most arduous applications under tough harvest conditions, the G-1F125 was equipped with a rugged and well-engineered drive train: ISOBUS control monitors the drive train Drive Bale chamber Rotor and pickup drive train A DRIVE TRAIN THAT CAN HANDLE ANYTHING GÖWEIL’s split drive train ensures the smooth operation of the “automatic flow control” (AFC) and guarantees a particularly high throughput. Drive Rotor Bale chamber overload safeguard Rotor overload safeguard No downtime! The power transferred by the PTO drive shaft to the main gearbox is spread across the drive chains of rotor, pickup and bale chamber and safeguarded individually by two cam switch couplings. The couplings are monitored by the ISOBUS program control. When the cam switch coupling of the rotor responds to an excess quantity of feed in the conveying duct, the hydraulic drop floor will open in fully automatic fashion. When the rotor starts up again, the excess feed is guided unobstructed into the bale chamber. The drop floor closes automatically, allowing the baling process to resume without hindrance. When the cam switch coupling responsible for the bale chamber trips, the tailgate will open automatically by a few centimeters and allow for the bale to be started and bound without hindrance. The drive train conceived by GÖWEIL provides for a smooth work flow. 16

1 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) Drive side of the bale chamber 2) The reinforced drive chains provide for a significantly increased lifetime 3) Rotor: 80 HSP Triplex chain MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE THANKS TO HIGH-TENSILE CHAINS EXCLUSIVE High-quality components are an essential prerequisite for the drive train’s smooth and trouble-free operation. The chains used for the main drive and for driving the pickup and the rotor in the machines of the latest generation have been increased in size yet again in order to boost the performance of the drive system even further. This extends the lifetime of the machine considerably and reduces the operation costs to a minimum. 2 3 WELL-BUILT ROLLER BEARINGS All baler rollers are fitted with sturdy and durable double-row pendulum roller bearings with a diameter of 60 mm. Additionally, the two drive rollers are equipped with 65 mm bearings. 17

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