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The round baler G-1F125 and the baler-wrapper combination G-1F125 Kombi are presenting themselves in a new design: Engineered exclusively for professionals, the machines of the first generation already delivered maximum impact force, but life teaches us that there is always room for improvement, and GÖWEIL has managed to optimize the new generation and add a host of exciting highlights.


G-1F125 Kombi BALING-WRAPPING TECHNOLOGY The G-1F125 Kombi merges the work steps of baling and wrapping in one machine and is capable of performing them at the same time. This technology has revolutionized the baling and wrapping process and introduced numerous advantages: THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE Time-saving The high throughput and impact force of this baler-wrapper combination cuts down on the amount of time needed in the field. Capable of handling speeds up to 40 km/h, the Kombi also allows the operator to rapidly cover long distances. Cost-saving The baler-wrapper combination reduces the cost of personnel and machinery to a minimum. Superior quality Round bales are wrapped in a perfectly clean manner and within an extraordinarily short period of time. The rapid exclusion of air creates the best possible conditions for the fermentation of the feed, allowing for its perfect preservation and exceptional quality. Professional The G-1F125 Kombi is a machine designed for decidedly professional applications and, as such, is the ideal choice for large businesses and contract harvesters. Whether you need to use it for bales of silage, hay or straw – you can convert the machine at the push of a button! New design The revamped design of the G-1F125 Kombi scores high marks with a new look and improved functionality. The closed, hydraulically folding film storage has space for 14 rolls of wrapping film plus 2 rolls of wide film or netting. The rolls are safely protected against the weather and damage. INNOVATION 20

1 IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1) G-1F125 Kombi hard at work 2) Pickup picking up the feed 3) Reliable bale transfer 4) Wrapping process with twin wrapping arm 5) Gentle bale drop The key feature that sets a baler-wrapper combo apart is the seamless interplay of all machine processes – from the feed pick-up to the bale deposit. These areas are exactly where the G-1F125 Kombi truly shines: FEED PICK-UP The feed is scooped up by the pickup of the baler and shaped into a bale in the bale chamber. 2 3 BALE TRANSFER Direct bale transfer: quick, clean and straightforward The wrapping table moves under the bale chamber. Once fully wrapped, the bale is transferred from the bale chamber to the wrapping table – without ever touching the ground. Secure bale guiding even in slope positions The four bale guide rollers ensure that the bales are guided along securely. This guarantees that the bale is transferred in a secure and reliable manner – even in slope positions. The transfer itself merely takes a few seconds. The tailgate already closes while the wrapping table is moving to the wrapping position. The baling process can continue without any interruption. 4 5 WRAPPING PROCESS The twin wrapping arm and the two 750 mm film stretching units ensure that the bale is wrapped in no time at all. The wrapping process will always be finished faster than the baling process. Since always guided securely, the bale is wrapped perfectly even in slope positions. BALE DEPOSIT Once the round bale is fully wrapped, the film is cut off. When the bale is dropped, the wrapping table moves to the rear and lowers all the way to the ground. This provides for a gentle deposit of the bales. 21

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