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EN | Round Baler & Baler-Wrapper Combination | G-1 F125 Kombi | Goeweil

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The round baler G-1F125 and the baler-wrapper combination G-1F125 Kombi are presenting themselves in a new design: Engineered exclusively for professionals, the machines of the first generation already delivered maximum impact force, but life teaches us that there is always room for improvement, and GÖWEIL has managed to optimize the new generation and add a host of exciting highlights.


G-1F125 Kombi BASIC MODEL BALER-WRAPPER COMBINATION G-1F125 KOMBI BASIC MODEL HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Load sensing (can also be operated in conjunction with tractors without load sensing pump) -- PICKUP FEEDING SYSTEM BALE CHAMBER BINDING DRAWBAR CHASSIS & TIRES DRIVE MAINTENANCE CONTROL WRAPPING MACHINE Camless pendulum pickup, DIN rake width: 2.20 m; rows of tines: 6; tine spacing: 51 mm; Plastic strippers; twin roller holding-down devices; touch wheels with pneumatic tires 6-star rotor; hydraulic drop floor; cutting unit with 30 twin blade reversible knives; Cutting length: 35 mm; hydraulic bar safety device 18 steel rollers (4 mm) reinforced on the inside (including cleaning & starter roller); double-row pendulum roller bearings Film and net binding; hydraulically adjustable brake roller, Automatic monitoring Rigid drawbar Tandem axle chassis; tires: 560/45-R22.5 Flotation Trac; Brake system: Dual-line air brake system PTO speed: 1,000 rpm; AFC Auto Flow Control: split drive train; Overload safeguard with 2 cam switch couplings; Chains: Main drive – bale chamber: 24 OH, secondary drive of bale chamber: 100 HSP Rotor: 80 HSP Triplex, pickup: 80 HSP Fully automatic central lubricator for grease and oil Fully automatic ISOBUS program control Camera system (2 cameras for monitoring binding and bale deposit, including color monitor) Twin wrapping arm; hydraulically actuated wrapping table; bale deposit backwards; 4 bale conveyor belts including belt guide; 4 bale guide rollers; film stretching unit for 750 mm; automatic film cutting and holding system; film monitoring unit; single-film mode; hydraulically lowering, closed film storage for 14 rolls of film and 2 rolls of wide film or netting; LED working headlight; additional roller for wrapping table ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT • Swiveling touch wheels • Set of additional knives (30 twin-blade knives) • Silage additive dosing unit • Dual binding unit • Hydraulic articulated drawbar • Hydraulic articulated drawbar with suspension • Tires: 710/35-R22.5 • Drive axle, complete • Hydraulic 2-circuit brake system -- • 4.3" touch display with 8 buttons and encoder • 7.0" touch display with 12 buttons and encoder • ISOBUS-capable power supply for tractor • Cleaning kit with air pressure hose and air gun • Drawbar eye types (see page 29) • Rotating light • Film stretching unit combined (for 500 & 750 mm) • Additional bale turn • Bale drop mat • Bale tipper 26

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